Olympus Lock - New Items
Posted by Joe L on 07 October 2011 10:30 AM
Issue date: October 2011

NEW! 724VR Lock
This lock is a direct retrofit of the BEST original 2P73. It includes a vertical slot with a round springbolt. It also includes a red "caution" flag when in the unlocked position. This lock can be used anywhere the BEST original 2P73 lock is used. Typical application is for use in metal file cabinets or medical carts.

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NEW! WP725 Spacer
Olympus Lock now offers the WP725 internal white plastic spacer for use with our 725RL, 725RD and CR1125 series IC core cabinet locks.

WP725 will be in-stock soon.

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ETS Series through-bolt mounting plates make your
installation more secure

Olympus Lock's ETS series through-bolt reinforcing plates and templates provide added security in particleboard applications. The external metal through-bolt plate allows for flush mounting of the cabinet lock face with the face of the cabinet and provides reinforcement by direct connection of the lock mounting screws to the through-bolt plate's binder posts. We offer plates to fit wide variety of cabinet lock types.

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