Jackson Exit Device - Frequent Questions
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Jackson 1085 Exit Device Questions:

Why is my top bolt crashing against the header? Why is my bottom bolt dragging?

Please review the pdf for technical notes associated with the Jackson 30-1084 strike package.


When I push down on the bar it doesn't pull the bolts enough to open the door.

Please check the nylon sleeve on the case and rod assembly which sets against the gold lift member. (Part 51 on the parts breakdown)

If the nylon sleeve is missing or damaged, it might be time to replace the case and rod assembly. The nylon sleeve is not a replaceable item.


The exit device doesn't lock automatically when the door shuts.

There could be a variety of reasons, but these are very common:

Please check the top and bottom bolt guide asssembly. Top bolt guide, Bottom Bolt Guide

Also make sure your trip bracket is adjusted properly.

Occasionally, the bottom bolt receptacle will fill with dirt - clean and check regularly.

Jackson 1095 Exit Device Questions:

 What is door handing? LHR and RHR?

LHR = Left Hand Reverse

RHR = Right Hand Reverse

1095 rim device is handed - see chart above to determine proper handing for your application.

1085 concealed vertical rod is a non-handed device.



*** Disclaimer ***

Suggestions and tips are provided as a guide, and no guarantee is made to solve a particular installation or repair issue.

Please consult a quailified installation specialist if more help is needed

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David C
22 May 2013 08:01 AM
Ned to replace a Right Hand Release Bar arm. What is meant by "active" vs. "inactive"?
Joe L
22 May 2013 11:16 AM
On the 1095 device, the active side has the latching mechanism. On the 1085 device the active side has the gold lift member attached.
20 October 2015 11:42 AM
Our church has two sets of double entry doors equipped with Jackson Model 1085 exit devices. Both sets of doors are keyed the same. After 20 years of using one lockset as the primary entrance to the building it is starting to show some wear and on occasion makes entry difficult. The other door lock has been basically unused. We would like to swap the locks between the two doors. Locks are a mortise key cyclinder with a mounting pad. How can the locks be removed is my question??
Joe L
23 October 2015 02:16 PM
You will need to remove the inside crash bar (active side), then you can gain access to the mounting nut that holds the mortise cylinder in the cylinder mounting pad:
Do that on each door and you can swap the cylinders, or order two new ones keyed alike from us, with extra keys - give sales a call 817-918-3123
Clayton K
17 February 2016 05:39 PM
We purchased a building with 1085's on the front, then an additional pair of doors inside with a keypad and magnetic lock. Is there a way to make the outer doors stay unlocked? I don't see what purpose the keypads serve otherwise.
Joe L.
01 March 2016 08:45 AM
You can dog-down the 1085 exit devices leaving them in the unlocked position. On each end of the bar - there is a mechanism to hold the bar in the down position. Each end must be dogged down individually. Building security varies widely by location - if you lock the outside doors you basically lock-out all the tenants - there may be a reason for this, or the previous owner wanted all traffic through a particular set of door.s
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