Simplex Pushbutton Lock Resetting Combination
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How to Change the Code on Kaba-Ilco Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Locks

The following pdf files describe the installation procedure and how to reset the combination to a new code.

You will need the current working combination and the access key in order to change the code. Sorry, there are no bypass codes, or secrect codes to reset the lock when you do not know the combination.

Simplex 1000 Instructions (pdf file)  - (Repair parts and change tool - 1000 Series)

Simplex L1000 Instructions (pdf file)  - (Repair parts and change tool - L1000 Series)

Simplex 900 Instructions (pdf file) - (Repair parts - 900 Series)

Simplex 6000 (pdf file) - (Repair parts - 6000 Series)

Simplex 7000 (7104) Instructions (pdf file) - (Repair parts - 7000 Series)

Simplex 9600 Instructions (pdf file) - (Repair parts - 9600 Series)

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Comments (11)
lee b
28 January 2012 12:05 PM
can you tell me the factory setting for new simplex safe boxes?
Joe L
30 January 2012 07:53 AM
If the default is not the same as the 9600 series cabinet lock then the manufacturer of the safe box as set a new default combination - try the safe box manufacturer for more information.
13 July 2015 01:09 PM
Joe L
14 July 2015 07:32 AM
Please click the Simplex L1000 Instructions pdf link above. Combination changing instructions are in the manual. We stock the change tool and key as a kit: link -->
22 March 2016 04:55 PM
Thanks for cortuibnting. It's helped me understand the issues.
ken davis
03 April 2016 12:40 PM
we are trying to change combo but cannot hear click when inserting wrench. it does not go from 9-12 .we cannot hear any click.any suggestions?
Joe L
05 April 2016 09:33 AM
If you have a working combination, you must follow the exact sequence in the pdf instructions above. There is no click when inserting the tool - there is a slight click when you rotate it, but only if the lock is in the correct reset mode. If you do not have a working combination - you may need to contact a local locksmith to reset the lock, or send it in to the Mr. Lock service center for evaluation. You may also contact Kaba Simplex technical at 800-849-8324.
John D
28 April 2016 07:08 PM
Simplex L 1000 the spring is hard to rerwind do u know how many times u turn it
Joe L
02 May 2016 03:34 PM
Please email/contact our sales department - let them know the spring part number you are working with - I am not aware of any spring that needs to be preloaded, but maybe a quarter turn.
07 March 2017 05:02 PM
I tried to change the combination and followed step by step but now it seems to be stuck in "zero combination"? I tried changing the combination again without step #3 (entering current combination) but it still keeps retracting every time I turn the handle.
Joe L
09 March 2017 08:03 AM
If this is an old lock you may need a replacement combination chamber. Sounds like zero combination per the instructions, but couldn't diagnose without having the lock on the service bench. You can send it in for diagnosis or seek out a local Locksmith. You might email our customer service department for more insight.
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