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Mul-T-Lock Interactive High Security Locks and Keys
Posted by Joe L on 01 May 2012 01:57 PM
MUL-T-LOCK Interactive® Systems

Interactive® Platform - High Security with Mul-T-Lock Control Key Patented

The Interactive® platform offers: patented key control; pick, drill and bump resistance and utilizes dual locking mechanisms:

1Mul-T-Lock®’s High Security Interactive® cylinders have a special telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins. Both the internal and external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously in order for the plug to rotate.

2The Interactive system combines this special telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with a spring-loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produce a ‘virtual combination’ that may only be acheived when the key is inserted in the lock.

Additional Features   

 The patented Mul-T-Lock plug has a special structure. When the top and bottom pins, plug and body meet, a three-dimensional shear line is formed, creating an almost perfect spherical shape. Steel inserts enhance anti-drilling resistance

These features provide an added security dimension, amplifying  the Mul-T-Lock cylinder’s pick- and drill-resistance for High Security needs. When master keyed, additional side pins or back pins can be incorporated. 
Patented key control with Special authorization card
The Interactive patented key and key blank provide increased control over key cutting to achieve an even higher level of key security. Additional keys are cut after presentation of a Mul-T-Lock key card and verification of customer identity in accordance with Mul-T-Lock key cutting procedures, which may be obtained through professional Mul-T-Lock locksmiths.

Interactive technology is retro-compatible with the Mul-T-Lock Classic system, allowing existing locks to be upgraded.
Interactive® at a Glance: 
  • High Security Platform
  • Multiple Locking Elements Including the Patented Interactive Disc
  • Pick, Drill and Bump Resistant
  • Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control


Mr. Lock supports the following High Security Mul-T-Lock keyways: 206S, 248S, and 248B when the Interactive card is presented.

206S is supported by most Mul-T-Lock Authorized Locksmiths giving the customer the most flexibility when extra keys are needed with a High Security Lock.

248S is supported by a select distributor network of authorized dealers.

248B is only supported locally, and may by available regionally by selected locksmiths.

Factory controlled keys and locks, only supplied by the factory are available - contact us for details - lead time and quantity minumums may vary.



Click Here for our Mul-T-Lock product list.


  Mul-T-Lock Interactive Key  Key Control Card


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Olympus Lock - New Items
Posted by Joe L on 07 October 2011 10:30 AM
Issue date: October 2011

NEW! 724VR Lock
This lock is a direct retrofit of the BEST original 2P73. It includes a vertical slot with a round springbolt. It also includes a red "caution" flag when in the unlocked position. This lock can be used anywhere the BEST original 2P73 lock is used. Typical application is for use in metal file cabinets or medical carts.

>> See other SFIC cabinet locks


NEW! WP725 Spacer
Olympus Lock now offers the WP725 internal white plastic spacer for use with our 725RL, 725RD and CR1125 series IC core cabinet locks.

WP725 will be in-stock soon.

>> List of available internal spacers

ETS Series through-bolt mounting plates make your
installation more secure

Olympus Lock's ETS series through-bolt reinforcing plates and templates provide added security in particleboard applications. The external metal through-bolt plate allows for flush mounting of the cabinet lock face with the face of the cabinet and provides reinforcement by direct connection of the lock mounting screws to the through-bolt plate's binder posts. We offer plates to fit wide variety of cabinet lock types.

>> List of ETS plates


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Rugged KeySafe Pro from Supra for Industrial Environments
Posted by Joe L on 22 August 2011 03:02 PM


Rugged KeySafe ProKeep your keys where you need them.

Large and Rugged KeySafe PRO

Available with a proprietary keyway for one-key convenience or in a pushbutton version with changeable combination; KeySafe PRO holds several keys or access cards in its large, solid vault.

  • Arrange early morning deliveries without arriving hours ahead of time to admit them
  • Ensure convenient one-key access to many buildings on a campus
  • Provide quick entry for technicians in an mechanic or body shop
  • Arrange access to utilities and facilities by trusted maintenance crews
  • Keep lock-out/tag-out areas of manufacturing floors locked but accessible

Product Information:

     S7 KeySafe 



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Supra pushbutton lock key cabinents
Posted by Joe on 21 July 2011 11:49 AM

Combination Lock Cabinets


Heavy steel
construction, over 1,000 resettable combinations, and numbered key tags make
TouchPoint cabinets secure and convenient. Available in three



    • Office managers issue
      codes, not keys, to temporary employees
    • High-value retailers
      secure keys and keep them conveniently accessible
    • Property managers
      quickly access keys to units, pools, elevators, and more
    • Homeowners easily
      track all household keys in one secure location



Click Here - More Product Details

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Master Lock Introduces Lubricant with PTFE
Posted by Joe on 26 January 2011 12:18 PM
Master Lock introduces a new PTFE based lubricant.
Order On-line Click Here  

  • "Dry" PTFE-based formulation ideal for: padlocks, door locks, automotive, marine and multipurpose applications
  • Cleans area and leaves behind a protective shield against dust, dirt, salt and moisture
  • Prolongs the life of locks
  • NSF registered for incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food processing areas
  • Food safe, people safe, environmentally safe
  • Helps de-ice pre-lubricated locks
  • Wide temperature range of -40°F to 500°F

  • Master Lock Lubrication Video:

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